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Close up of a football player facing the camera in a three-point stance, wearing the Orbit Pro helmet.
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  • Xenith Unveils Top Performing Orbit Pro Helmet Available to NFL Players This Season

Xenith Unveils Top Performing Orbit Pro Helmet Available to NFL Players This Season

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April 9th, 2024

Keenan Crow

DETROIT, MI.-- Xenith, a leader in innovative football equipment, today introduced a new top performing helmet to its lineup of 5-Star safety rated football helmets. The Xenith Orbit Pro football helmet was specifically developed by Xenith’s top team of engineers to set new standards in impact performance, improve player safety, and outperform the leading helmet brands currently used on NFL fields.

The Orbit Pro helmet earned a 5-Star rating by the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab and is recommended for use by NFL players, ranking in the Top-Performing group on the 2024 NFL-NFLPA Helmet Ratings. Orbit Pro is ranked #1 on the OL and DL specific ratings, outperforming all helmets in these categories, while also ranking second overall on the QB position-specific ratings. Built upon years of innovation and informed by thousands of impact tests, the Orbit Pro has been completely reimagined to achieve previously unattainable lightweight performance for elite players. The Orbit Pro helmet features the Adaptive Fit System, exclusive to Xenith helmets, coupled with proven 3D-printed lattice technology to deliver unprecedented performance for professional athletes. Depending on configuration, the Orbit Pro weighs just 4 lbs and 1 oz., conforms to all head shapes and sizes, while offering top-of-the-line comfort and a convenient fitting solution without added costs, or commitments of 3D scanning.

“Our goal with the new Orbit Pro helmet was to achieve unprecedented low weight vs. high impact performance. Using cutting-edge materials and industry leading innovation we were able to deliver on game-changing performance” said Kyle Lamson, Director of Product Development at Xenith. “This helmet raises the bar for performance, comfort, and protection for the game’s most elite athletes, and we’re already receiving strong interest from NFL Equipment Managers.”

The Orbit Pro helmet was constructed of just 10 main components for easier assembly and maintenance throughout the season, and to eliminate headaches and extra costs during reconditioning.

“The new Orbit Pro is designed to give players what they want - lightweight performance, high-end comfort, and cutting edge protection - all built into a helmet with a striking appearance that gives players the look they want on the field.” said Joshua DeOrnellas, Director of Marketing for Xenith.

Take a closer look at the upgraded Orbit Pro components:

Advanced Nylon Polymer Shell:

At just 1.1 lbs., Orbit’s unique outer shell is lighter than most competitor shells and features specifically tuned locations to help better protect players from impacts. The shell is strategically designed with some areas being more rigid, while others are thinner and more flexible to help enhance protection.

3D-Printed Lattice:

Similar to our original shock liner, this multi-density lattice floats between the shell layer and the interior ONE-FIT padding and is tuned to help mitigate both rotational and linear impact forces. The 3D-printed lattice also helps to enhance the custom fit feel and wearability for maximum comfort.

ONE-FIT Padding:

The combination of our Adaptive Fit System and the new ONE-FIT padding delivers exceptional customized comfort and a more secure fit without air bladders or removable pods. Meet the new Xenith standard for custom fit, feel, and performance.

All current Xenith helmet offerings carry a 5-Star Virginia Tech Helmet Lab rating, and deliver high-end performance with maximum comfort. Plus, Xenith helmets come with the industry’s only 10-year helmet shell warranty.

About Xenith

Xenith designs and distributes cutting-edge football equipment for professional, amateur and youth-level athletes. Xenith gear is sold direct to professional, amateur and youth sports teams and leagues and is available on Amazon and at retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Walmart. The company is headquartered in downtown Detroit, Michigan. More information is available at

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Internal components of Orbit Pro. Image shows the One Fit Foam Padding next to a 3D printed internal lattice.