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A pneumatic RAM testing of a Xenith football helmet.
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From Lab to Field: Xenith's Approach to Advancing Football Helmet Technology

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January 30th, 2024

Keenan Crow

At Xenith, we pride ourselves on continuous innovation and we're constantly pushing the envelope to advance football helmet technology and deliver gear that's a step ahead of the game. Our progressive approach to advancing helmet performance disrupted a long-complacent industry, and we're committed to creating cutting-edge solutions to build better football helmets. 

The exclusive Xenith Adaptive Fit System, found at the bedrock of every helmet we design & manufacture, was built to revolutionize the way football helmets are supposed to fit, feel, and perform on the field. Beyond the Adaptive Fit System, the padding in Xenith helmets is decoupled from the shell to further dampen impact forces, allowing the shell to move relative to the head. 

Xenith also adopted an advanced nylon polymer shell that took the performance of our helmets to the next level. This unique and tough material is lightweight and engineered to work cohesively with the internal layers of the helmet, so impact forces are effectively absorbed and dispersed at the point of contact before reaching the head. Our unique Aware-Flow™ shock absorbers dissipate energy by collapsing to vent air for a more complete and gradual compression, compared to a foam material that only partially compresses before packing into a dense solid - creating a more sudden change in velocity than the Aware-Flow™ technology.

Xenith helmets are subjected to rigorous testing and evaluation in our state-of-the-art laboratory, as well as by independent organizations to verify their performance. We also gather on-field feedback from players across the country, all to ensure the materials used in our helmets stand up to the impact conditions seen on the football field. The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab 5-Star rating for all currently offered Xenith Youth and Varsity/Adult helmets - along with the industry's only 10-year helmet shell warranty - is a testament to Xenith's standard for impact performance and quality equipment.

Xenith is committed to constant innovation in order to further the safety and performance of our cutting-edge helmets, as well as working with our partners in material science to gain insight and continuously advance protective technology on the football field.

Check out the video below to learn more about Xenith helmet innovation: