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Last Run: Navigating Your Final Season

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August 11th, 2023

Keenan Crow

The final season of high school football is a bittersweet moment for athletes. It’s a time of reflection, growth, and the culmination of years of dedication. As you prepare for your last run with your hometown squad, here’s some advice to help you make the most of your final high school season on the gridiron.

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Embrace Leadership

As a senior on the team, you’re not just responsible for your performance on the field, but also for setting an example for your teammates. Embrace your role as a leader by showing dedication, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude. Your influence can inspire your teammates to give their best effort and foster a sense of unity - this will pay huge dividends down the road, late in the season.

A football player running with the ball tucked under his arm.

Stay Humble & Hungry

Having played for several years, it’s easy to slip into that “I’ve arrived” mentality. However, the journey is never truly over! Stay humble by acknowledging that there’s always room for improvement. Maintain the hunger to learn and grow, whether it’s refining your skills, studying the game, or adapting to new strategies.

Focus on Fundamentals

In the midst of competition, it’s crucial to remember the basics. Strong fundamentals are the building blocks of success. Work on perfecting your footwork, tackling technique, passing accuracy, and other core skills. A solid foundation will set you apart and boost your overall performance.

Two football players celebrate together on the field.

Cherish the Moments

Your final season will be a series of lasts - your last practices, your last games under Friday night lights, and the last moments on the field with all your teammates. Cherish each and every one of these experiences and make lasting memories. Form bonds with your teammates, create traditions, and savor the camaraderie that comes with being part of a team.

Prepare for the Future

While your focus is undoubtedly on the current season, this is also a great time to start planning for your future. Whether you’re considering collegiate sports or other paths, use this time to research options, reach out to scouts and recruiters, and make informed decisions about your post-high school journey.


Your final season of high school football marks the culmination of years of your dedication, hard work, and personal growth. If you commit to following the advice in this article, you’ll create a memorable and impactful season that neither you or your teammates will ever forget.

As you’re putting on your uniform this season, pause and look around the locker room at your teammates. Remember all the hard work, all the touchdowns, and all the nights you stepped on the field together having each other’s backs. Sure, those nights may be numbered now, but what you accomplish this season will live on forever.

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