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Are you interested in being part of the Xenith Playmakers Community? We are seeking individuals who are looking to leave an impact on the field, behind the lens, and in their community, while using Xenith gear. Apply now to be a part of the Xenith Team and help us ignite the future of football.

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The Xenith Playmakers Team is unified by a deep passion for football and everything that surrounds it: Friday night lights, long bus rides, fight songs, and the team camaraderie... Join now to receive exclusive offers, rewards, and be part of a football community dedicated to leaving an impact on the game - on and off the field.


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Players and icons, #XenithPlayMakers define the future of football through authentic moments and impactful stories on, and off the field. Join now to leave your impact on the game.

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Dreamers and hustlers, #XenithPlayerMakers share iconic moments and impactful stories through their lens. Subscribe now to leave your impact on the game.

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Ignite the future of football by building up your athletes, teams, and communities.


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