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Xenith LOOP: Top Performing Non-tackle Headgear With Unmatched Comfort

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November 8th, 2019

Keenan Crow

Xenith LOOP is the industry’s first purpose-built protective headgear made specifically for the sport of non-tackle football. Combining athlete insights and an unprecedented level of research into non-tackle football, Xenith LOOP is the most comfortable, affordable and highest performing non-tackle headgear on the market.

Xenith LOOP is top rated for non-tackle football headgear based on the 2022 Virginia Tech Flag Football Headgear Ratings.

“Non-tackle football” includes flag football, 7 on 7, passing league, and other forms of touch and non-tackle football. This represents a rapidly growing and evolving sector of the football category accounting for many athletes now playing some form of football year-round. 

Football players lined-up waiting for the snap before a play.

In an effort to go beyond the limits and constraints of traditional non-tackle headgear, the Xenith Product Innovation team set out to understand the sport and its head impacts better than anyone else. 

With rigorous analysis and research, Xenith collected deep athlete insights by aiming to understand the location, types, and frequency of head and body contacts in competitive 7v7 non-tackle American football.

Industry-first video research was gathered at a number of indoor and outdoor facilities. Fifteen cameras were strategically placed on the field and collected hundreds of hours of in-play video, developing a research database of thousands of incidental impacts. This pioneering research provided Xenith with on-field data that was then brought back to the lab to understand the magnitude of the impacts the athlete really faces.

The data, testing and modeling, drove us to design and engineer our unique halo silhouette that creates a breathable, precision fit that accommodates any hairstyle without the need for an uncomfortable chinstrap. The shape also addresses top athlete insights Xenith heard during its research including issues with the fit, breathability, and look of traditional non-tackle headgear.

This purpose-built product addresses the most important areas of protection for the athlete and solves for many issues faced with traditional non-tackle headgear. Xenith worked with material science partner BASF to help develop KINETIX—The technology inside Xenith LOOP that makes it top-performing, with unmatched comfort.

When trying on Xenith LOOP, KINETIX molds to one’s head for superior fit and comfort. But, when faced with impact, it intelligently stiffens to provide optimal energy management.

Within the non-tackle football, 7-on-7, flag, tackle football space and beyond, Xenith will continue to innovate and bring purpose-built products to the market driven by rigorous research and athlete insights.

Close-up of a Xenith LOOP displayed on turf.

To learn more about Xenith LOOP, visit www.Xenith.com/LOOP

To read the press release, visit  www.Xenith.com/blogs/press-releases