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  • Xenith & Guardian Partner to Enhance and Innovate Sports Protective Equipment

Xenith & Guardian Partner to Enhance and Innovate Sports Protective Equipment

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December 14th, 2023

Keenan Crow

ATLANTA, GA. & DETROIT, MI. – Guardian Sports (Guardian) and Xenith have announced a partnership focused on LOOP, the premier non-tackle football headgear product. This venture will help deliver top-rated safety and comfortability to a wide range of athletes across several sports.

Guardian, creators of Guardian Caps, the soft-shell helmet cover seen on top of college teams and mandated by the NFL, and Xenith, leaders in football performance and protective gear, share the same passion for safety in sports. Both companies are enthusiastic about blending the strengths of Xenith’s innovative LOOP product and Guardian’s product development expertise.

The collaboration promises a thoughtfully designed product that expands its reach beyond football to other applicable sports. Guardian and Xenith continue to push the importance of reducing impacts in practices, from youth to the professional level.

“Working with Guardian Sports and especially alongside a great family like the Hansons is a dream come true for us at Xenith," says Tony Saunders, Xenith, CEO. “Together, we’re excited to explore new horizons, innovate further, and set new benchmarks in sports protection.”

“We’re genuinely thrilled to collaborate with Xenith. Our collective vision is to contribute positively to the world of sports and amplify athlete safety,” shared Erin and Lee Hanson, founders of Guardian.

Key Highlights:

- LOOP was designed utilizing real gameplay research, scientific testing, and insights from athletes to better protect players from repetitive hits.

- LOOP will wear the shared badge of pride as “Xenith | Guardian LOOP.”

-The combined efforts are focused on enhancing LOOP’s innovative features and broadening its application across diverse sports disciplines, from flag football to figure skating and beyond!

With shared values and aspirations, Guardian and Xenith are on a mission to deliver the best protective equipment for athletes everywhere.


Features/details pointed out on a Xenith, Guardian branded LOOP.