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Xenith, DICK's Sporting Goods Team Up for a 5-Star Shopping Experience

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June 20th, 2023

Keenan Crow

Xenith is excited to join forces with America’s largest sporting goods retailer, DICK’s Sporting Goods, to serve athletes and their parents a unique football shopping experience. Xenith will feature an elevated end-cap experience in more than 450 DICK's Sporting Goods stores nationwide, which will bring Xenith's sports equipment closer to athletes nationwide as well as educate players about helmet safety.

This innovative and interactive display will help make the process of finding the right football gear more seamless, so athletes (and their parents) feel more assured about their choice of helmet, and have the utmost confidence when they step on the field.

5-Star Shopping Experience

Beginning June 16, 456 DICK's Sporting Goods stores nationwide will feature Xenith's elevated end-cap featuring its 5-Star Virginia Tech Certified youth and adult football helmets.

“The opportunity to partner with DICK’s Sporting Goods is not just an important step for Xenith as a helmet and equipment provider, it’s about a vision for the future of the game,” Xenith Chief Executive Officer Tony Saunders said. “Like DICK’s Sporting Goods, we at Xenith believe there is an ethical and social responsibility to protecting athletes and football."

“Football brings people together in a unique way culturally, from the earliest days of youth football all the way to the Super Bowl. The game is about passion, preparation, and dedication. These are qualities to be revered and promoted. As a company, we have seen the great moves that DICKS’s Sporting Goods has done in communities around the country, which is another reason why this partnership is a win-win."

Xenith's End-Cap Displays

Xenith’s end-cap display will be one-of-its-kind in the football helmet industry and will feature the company’s popular X2E+ football helmet. Available in two fit variants: Standard Fit, which allows the athlete to adjust the helmet to fit them best. And Adaptive Fit, with an integrated chinstrap that adapts to the athlete as the chinstrap is adjusted. The Xenith X2E+ is designed for various-aged athletes from Youth Small to Adult XL.

The end-cap will also feature educational sizing and fitting content accessible via QR Code, Xenith's groundbreaking Clear Shell helmet that showcases the major components and configuration of a 5-Star helmet, and be serviced by DICK's Sporting Goods teammates to help athletes (and their parents) feel more assured about their choice of football helmet.


Xenith and DICKS’s Sporting Goods are intent upon making this end-cap display more than just a device to push business interest. This new partnership is about teaching athletes (and their parents) about critical elements regarding helmet technology and player safety.

"Our partnership with DICK’s Sporting Goods provides an opportunity to educate and interact with families across America in ways that we could not do alone. Our experience will expose athletes and parents to valuable safety information as they make the important decision of what their child will hear during the season. We take this position very seriously.” - Xenith Chief Executive Officer Tony Saunders