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Why Parents Trust Our 5-Star Safety Rated Helmets

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July 14th, 2023

Keenan Crow

When it comes to ensuring the safety of their children, parents spare no expense. In contact sports like football, where the risk of head injuries is a concern, choosing the right helmet becomes paramount. In this article, we'll talk about why parents consistently turn to Xenith and our 5-Star safety-rated helmets to protect their young athletes.

Innovative Design & Technology

Xenith stands out from other competitors in the market by implementing cutting-edge design and revolutionary technology to deliver athletes the ultimate helmet experience. Xenith's commitment to continuous innovation has resulted in football helmets that provide optimal protection while also ensuring a superior, custom fit. Our proprietary shock suspension system - known as Adaptive Fit - is a prime example of Xenith's dedication to constant innovation and player safety. Xenith's Adaptive Fit system features an integrated chinstrap that adapts to the athlete as the chinstrap is adjusted while utilizing a series of shock absorbers and/or air-filled chambers to mitigate the force of impacts.

Independent Testing & Certifications

Parents are rightly cautious when it comes to selecting a football helmet for their child. Fortunately, Xenith helmets are subjected to rigorous testing and evaluation by independent organizations to verify their impact performance. The 5-Star rating for all currently offered Xenith helmets from the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings, along with the industry's only 10-year helmet shell warranty, is a testament to Xenith's commitment to impact performance and producing quality equipment. Parents can also trust that Xenith helmets have been thoroughly tested and evaluated by experts to meet all the required standards for football equipment.

Customized Fit & Comfort

One of the primary concerns for parents is ensuring that their child's helmet fits properly. Football helmets that don't fit properly not only compromise safety but can also cause discomfort, leading to distractions during gameplay. Xenith addresses this issue with our innovative Adaptive Fit system, which allows for a personalized fit tailored to each individual every time they strap up to take the field.

(Select Xenith helmets are now available in two fit styles: Adaptive Fit - with an integrated chinstrap that hugs the base of the skull as the chinstrap is engaged providing a secure 360° fit around the athlete's head, and Standard Fit - which utilizes a traditional 4-point chinstrap and fully interchangeable pads for personalized comfort and a secure fit without the need for air pumps.

Proven Track Record

Xenith has established a reputation in the game as a trusted leader in innovation by consistently delivering high-quality products to athletes of all ages. Our commitment to innovation and developing protective equipment has gained the trust of athletes, parents, coaches, and teams across the country. With years of experience and a strong track record, Xenith has become a go-to brand for athletes seeking the game's most cutting-edge football helmets, while parents can rely on Xenith's expertise and dedication to protect their athletes every time they run out onto the field.

Xenith | DICK's Sporting Goods

When it comes to safeguarding our young athletes in football, selecting the right gear is of utmost importance. That is why Xenith's new in-store shopping experience at DICK's Sporting Goods aims to provide athletes and parents with information about helmet safety, easy-to-access sizing and fitting guides, and all of the details about the major components and configuration of a 5-Star football helmet.

Xenith football helmets have become a top choice in headgear protection for athletes and discerning parents looking to provide optimal protection and comfort for their children. With innovative design, independent testing, customizable fit, and a proven track record, Xenith has earned the trust of parents and athletes around the world.

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