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Two football players wearing Xenith LOOP face each other before a play.
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Safeguard Your Game: Here's Why You Should Wear Head Protection for Non-Tackle Football

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July 14th, 2023

Keenan Crow

Non-tackle football is a rapidly growing segment of the game that provides all the excitement and camaraderie of traditional tackle football, minus the hard hits and tackling. While the absence of direct physical contact makes non-tackle football a safer alternative, it is still crucial to prioritize guarding against unforeseen impacts. One vital aspect often overlooked in flag football is head protection. Here, we will explore some of the most important reasons why you should wear head protection for non-tackle football.

Xenith LOOP: #1 in Comfort, Top Rated on VT Rating System

Even though non-tackle football eliminates tackling, there is still a risk of collisions and accidental contact, especially during fast-paced plays and competitive tournaments. Xenith LOOP is top rated on the Virginia Tech rating system and features the game’s most breathable, comfortable fit that accommodates any hairstyle without the need for an uncomfortable chinstrap. Our product development team collected hundreds of hours of in-play video to precisely locate critical areas of protection for non-tackle athletes, which drove the design of Xenith LOOP’s unique halo silhouette.

Mitigating Accidental Collisions

In the heat of the game, players can unintentionally collide with one another while pursuing the ball or running routes. These accidental collisions can lead to head injuries, ranging from minor bumps and bruises to more severe concussions. We recommend ALL athletes wear head protection for flag football because it adds an extra layer of cushioning and support for your head, reducing the likelihood of injury in such instances.

A player wearing Xenith LOOP running a route to catch the ball.

Shielding Against Head-to-Ground Impacts

Even though athletes are not tackling during flag football, the game is still played at a fast pace and players are making exceptional plays, which can result in accidental head-to-ground falls. A fall that results in an impact to the head can cause significant injuries - including neck injuries, or concussions. Head protection serves as a vital shield against unforeseen falls, absorbing the impact and safeguarding your head from potentially serious harm.

Promoting Confidence & Focus

Feeling protected and secure on the field is essential for maintaining confidence and focus during the game. By wearing head protection such as Xenith LOOP, players can lock-in and concentrate solely on the game and their performance. Xenith LOOP looks good on all athletes and delivers the same 5 Star protection that all current Xenith helmets provide. By utilizing advanced materials and real on-field research, Xenith LOOP has become the preferred non-tackle headgear for thousands of athletes.

Close up of a player wearing Xenith Loop while kneeling on the ground.

Setting a Positive Example

Flag football is not just limited to recreational play. This popular version of the game also extends to school leagues, youth/adult programs, and community events. By wearing head protection, experienced players set a positive example for younger or less experienced athletes. Encouraging others to prioritize safety helps foster a culture of responsibility, ensuring that everyone understands the importance of protecting themselves while enjoying the game.

End Zone

While flag football is generally considered a safe alternative to traditional tackle football, head injuries can still occur due to collisions, falls, or just pure accidents. Wearing head protection such as Xenith LOOP, can significantly mitigate the force of impacts. It not only promotes personal safety but also sets a positive example for others, encouraging a culture of safety within the flag football community. By prioritizing head protection, players can enjoy the game to its fullest while minimizing the potential risks associated with head injuries. Join the wave and dominate the field!