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VIDEO: Meet the 2022 XPKC Scholarship Winners

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September 6th, 2022

Keenan Crow

Xenith and the Detroit Sports Commission are proud to announce Kameron Billingsley and Carlie Boals as the two winners of the 2022 Xenith Prep Kickoff Classic Scholarship.

Kameron and Carlie were each selected as finalists for the 2022 XPKC Scholarship for their essay submissions, and were awarded $5,000 and $1,000, respectively. 

Scholarship applicants were asked to submit a 300-500 word essay describing how their involvement in the community during their high school career has prepared them to be a leader both inside and outside of the classroom, and how their future studies will allow them to make a positive impact on their community.

The applicants' essays were reviewed and scored by a panel of judges, and Kameron and Carlie received the two highest overall scores among all submissions.

Then, to determine the Grand Prize, the two finalists competed against each other in a halftime QB showdown during the course of the 2022 Xenith Prep Kickoff Classic. 

Meet the two winners below, and checkout the video of the halftime showdown held during the 2022 Xenith Prep Kickoff Classic:

Kameron Billingsley

Carlie Boals

Watch the video of the 2022 XPKC Scholarship halftime showdown, and be on the lookout for next year - it could be you on the field competing for the top prize!