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Live Your Game Spotlight: Lake Placid Dragons - Lake Placid, FL

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February 25th, 2021

The Xenith Live Your Game Spotlight is a content feature covering the great schools and football programs across the country, taking an in-depth look at how teams from different regions train, play, and live their game. 

LAKE PLACID, FL - Coaching was not always in the cards for Lake Placid High School Head Coach Carl White, "When I was in college my degree was in finance, I wanted to be a financial planner," said White, who is in his third year coaching the Dragons. "A year out of graduating I was laid off at the company I was working for, and sure enough, the job that opened up was an opportunity to coach at my old high school." 

That high school was Cooke County High School in Tennessee, back in 2010. 10+ years later White couldn't love coaching the game of football more, and his motivation is his players. "This is my purpose and this is why I truly believe I'm here. I'm here to build men, to build better men, and we're going to do that through the game of football." 

Having spent most of his football coaching career in his home state of Tennessee, first with Cooke County, then with Carson-Newman University at the college level, Coach White admits a move was never really in the cards. Things changed, however, when the Lake Placid opportunity presented itself. White didn't hesitate and a big reason for that was the area's love of the football program. 

"It's very big in the community, everyone comes out and supports us. They love the sport of football," said Javarie White, the self-described "shifty" running back for the Dragons. 

"The community has been absolutely fantastic from top to bottom...they have been phenomenal," said Coach White. "The transition has been seamless." 

While the community has been extremely welcoming to Coach White and his family, with a culture change comes challenges. "When you're dealing with 14 to 18-year-old young men...and your going to try and implement holding them to their actions...holding them to a different standard than they're used to... you're going to meet some resistance."  

Right from the beginning, Coach White's presence made an impact. "Coach White actually changed the program around," said Javarie. Players started to notice new rules in place, more discipline, and a tougher, yet intentional, approach. 

Coach White went on to explain any time someone new comes into the fold, changes are expected as well as the challenges, but after a short transitional period, he was able to win over his players. "At the end of the day once we got the relationship built, they understand that we're doing this out of love...and we have the accountability piece to make sure we're all on the same page."

Xenith is proud to have Coach White and Lake Placid High School as a member of the family and wish them all the best in the seasons ahead.


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