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Live Your Game Spotlight: Era ISD High School - Era, TX

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June 17th, 2021

McKenzie Todd

The Xenith Live Your Game Spotlight is a content feature covering the great schools and football programs across the country, taking an in-depth look at how teams from different regions train, play, and live their game. 


ERA, TX - Located in a small town of Northern Texas, Era High School athletics is the "heartbeat of its community", as described by first-year Head Coach Terry Felderhoff. But he knows sports, specifically the game of football, is more than just a source of entertainment for his new town, it's an opportunity to build a family that cares about one another. 

It was Felderhoff's Sophomore year of high school when he decided he wanted to become a football coach. He recalls the impact the teachers and coaches had on him that inspired him to take on the responsibility of being a role model for the next generation. Now, 25 years of coaching later, we'd agree with him and his past and current players, that his 16 year old self made the right decision. 


At a new school, with a new team, during the peek of the COVID-19 shutdown, Coach Felderhoff walked into his new office without a player in sight. However, quarantine didn't stop Quarterback and Defensive Back Jarren Twiner from DMing Coach on Twitter asking what he and the team can do to prepare for the upcoming season. Immediately, Felderhoff was able to recognize the leadership qualities in his new QB. 

For Jarren, the biggest lesson Felderhoff has brought to the Hornets is mental toughness. Coach refers to the season and games like a rollercoaster and he's preparing them to "fight through the lows to get to the highs." It's this shift in mentality that has allowed Twiner to see his teammates drive to go out there everyday and get after it -- a quality they lacked the year before. 

 Xenith Live Your Game Spotlight: Era High School


As for their pregame ritual, you're going to have to watch the full interview to find out how Coach prepares for his Friday nights. Let's just say there is a 12th man (or woman) who plays a key role in keeping coaches nerves down and focused on the game. 

Xenith is proud to have Coach Felderhoff and the Era Hornets as a member of the family and wish them all the best in their second season together. 



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