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Guide to Picking the Correct Varsity Shoulder Pads

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May 24th, 2024

Keenan Crow

Are you looking for new shoulder pads that will take your game to the next level this season? We got you covered - literally! At Xenith, we understand shopping for football equipment can feel like a minefield of high-tech jargon and confusing terminology, so we made a guide to picking the correct varsity shoulder pads to help you gear up with more confidence and have a dominating season.

Below, we listed the complete lineup of Xenith varsity and adult shoulder pads and the benefits of each model, along with the type of player each pad would likely fit best. Click here to check out Xenith shoulder pads for youth / middle school athletes.

Xenith Varsity & Adult Shoulder Pads

Velocity 2 JV

Game on the rise? Velocity 2 JV is the ultimate shoulder pad for the young superstar. Built with an all-purpose design, Velocity 2 JV fully protects players in the trenches while allowing full range of motion to high-point the ball in the end zone or chase down the ball carrier from sideline to sideline. Velocity 2 JV pads are suited for youth level athletes and should not be worn past the Junior Varsity level.

Front facing view of Velocity 2 football shoulder pads.

Velocity 2

When the game speeds up, you need shoulder pads that don't slow you down. Xenith Velocity 2 pads are the lightest, most versatile pads in the game. Plus, the injection molded design delivers a superior fit that hugs the body and never loses its shape, and an unmatched combination of mobility, comfort, and performance.

Front facing view of Xenith Velocity 2 Pro shoulder pads.

Velocity 2 Pro

Built to move and react more swiftly so players can take control of the game. Velocity 2 Pro shoulder pads deliver ultralight performance to minimize fatigue late in games. Plus, improved tactical arches and advanced padding deliver a more modern fit and optimized protection so players can crush the competition and never miss a beat.

Front facing view of Xenith Pro All-Purpose shoulder pads.

Xenith Pro

Available in three position-specific styles; Skill, All-Purpose, and Lineman, Xenith Pro Shoulder Pads fit the unique body type and playing style of multiple athletes. With the pace of today's game being played faster than ever before, players being asked to cover more ground, and linemen on both sides of the ball getting faster and more agile, you simply cannot overlook the importance of having football equipment tailor-made to fit your game. (Image shown features Xenith Pro All Purpose pads.)