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Exploring the Advantages of Injection Molded Shoulder Pads

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July 14th, 2023

Keenan Crow

When it comes to protecting athletes on the football field, equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring their safety and enhancing their performance. Among the essential pieces of gear, shoulder pads stand out as a vital component to a players game day kit.

Traditionally made from various materials, injection molded shoulder pads have gained popularity due to their numerous benefits. In this article, we'll explore the advantages of injection molded shoulder pads, shedding light on why they have become a game-changer for football players.

Enhanced Protection

The primary purpose of shoulder pads is to mitigate impact energy from the hits players experience on the field. Utilizing injection molded technology allows Xenith to create shoulder pads with exceptional impact resistance and durability. Plus, injection molded pads never lose their shape, providing easier transport during the season and clean storage on a rack - a HUGE benefit for equipment managers!

Close up of an athlete carrying Xenith shoulder pads onto a football field.

By using a combination of reinforced materials, such as the Supertough Polymer Resin System found in Velocity Pro Light, Velocity 2, and Flyte 2, injection molded shoulder pads provide superior energy management capabilities compared to traditional shoulder pads.

Custom Fit Feel

Comfort and range of motion are crucial factors in ensuring optimal performance on the football field, which is why most players tend to favor a close to body fit with a super low profile, such as Xenith's popular Velocity Pro Light shoulder pads, or our Flyte 2 Youth shoulder pads. This close to body fit not only enhances wearability for all game comfort, but also ensures the pads remain securely in place during gameplay, minimizing distractions and maintaining the range of motion required to perform.

Close up of a football player wearing Xenith shoulder pads while holding a ball before throwing it.

Lightweight & Secure Design

Football is a physically demanding sport that requires agility and speed. Excessive shoulder pad weight can hinder an athlete's performance by weighing them down and draining their energy faster. Xenith's injection molded shoulder pads are renowned for their lightweight and secure construction, which can help elevate performance by minimizing fatigue late in games. By utilizing advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, our Adult and Youth shoulder pads provide reliable protection without adding unnecessary bulk. The reduced weight allows players to move more freely, react swiftly, and maintain their stamina throughout the game.

Improved Ventilation

Adequate airflow and ventilation are essential for comfortable shoulder pads. Traditional shoulder pads have been known to cause excessive sweating and discomfort due to limited breathability. However, Xenith's injection molded shoulder pads were designed with integrated ventilation channels allowing air to circulate more efficiently. This enhanced airflow helps dissipate heat and moisture, keeping the athlete cooler and drier during prolonged periods of play.

Longevity & Durability

Football shoulder pads are subjected to rigorous use and frequent impacts, necessitating the need for long-lasting equipment. Injection molding technology allows for the production of shoulder pads with high durability and resistance to a full season of wear and tear. The materials utilized in Xenith's shoulder pads are known for their toughness, providing athletes with reliable protection that withstands the demands of the game. This durability ensures the pads maintain their protective qualities over extended periods, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Two youth athletes standing side by side wearing Xenith football equipment.

End Zone

Injection molded shoulder pads have revolutionized the way athletes protect themselves on the gridiron. With their enhanced energy management capabilities, custom fit feel, lightweight and secure design, improved ventilation and durability, Xenith's injection molded shoulder pads have become the go-to choice for players in today's game.