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BTD: Xenith's X2E+ Football Helmet

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June 20th, 2023

Keenan Crow

Xenith's X2E+ helmet blends an iconic design with our cutting-edge helmet technology to deliver the comfort and protection you need to dominate the field. In this article, we'll take you behind the design of Xenith's X2E+ helmet and discuss how Xenith's Product Development Team is constantly striving to improve the safety and performance of every piece of gear we create.

Intentional Improvements

The shell design for Xenith's X2E+ helmet goes all the way back to the origin of Xenith and the very first helmet released by the brand - the X1.

"The X1 helmet was the very first concept of our shock absorbers, the floating matrix, the Adaptive Fit, all of that was included in the first iteration of the X1 helmet," said Kyle Lamson, Director of Product Design for Xenith.

When Xenith releases a new helmet, however, the Product Development Team continues to test materials and learn innovative ways to make the helmet better and more athlete friendly. With each advancement of the "X" line of Xenith helmets, the team made very intentional improvements in key areas of the helmet to improve performance and wearability for multiple seasons.

No Stones Left Unturned

"The X2 helmet was primarily a reengineering of the internal structure. We simplified some things, made them easier and better to manufacture, and improved the design of the chin strap," Lamson continued.

Close up of a youth athlete wearing a Xenith X2 football helmet during a game.

Xenith's Product Development Team prides themselves on constantly pushing the envelope to leave no stones unturned when it comes to the equipment they design, manufacture, test and deem ready for the field. So when they learned how varying the height of the shock absorbers in different locations within the helmet shell made a BIG impact on performance during the design of the Epic helmet, the team carried that idea over to the development of X2E.

After the release of Xenith's X2E helmet, the Product Development Team forged ahead, listening to feedback from several athletes to learn how they could make the next helmet even better. This led to exploring new materials for the comfort pads, a more suitable jaw plate and a more durable chin cup, along with other internal and material improvements.

"The big change going from X2E to X2E+, was the addition of our 3DX jaw pads and 3DX chin cups, which became common between the Epic and the X2E+ helmets," Lamson explained.

Close up of an athlete pulling the chin straps of a Xenith X2E+ football helmet.


The Xenith X2E+ utilizes the classic look you love and the comfort and protection you need to play your best game. Versatile industry-standard shell materials for adult and youth athletes, plus Xenith's advanced dual-stage shock matrix deliver the 5-Star safety-rated protection athletes expect from Xenith.

Available in two fit variants: Standard Fit, which allows the athlete to adjust the helmet to fit them best. And Adaptive Fit, with an integrated chinstrap that adapts to the athlete as the chinstrap is adjusted. The Xenith X2E+ is designed for various-aged athletes from Youth Small to Adult XL. Reach your gridiron goals with this game-changing classic!