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3 Football Drills To Become A Better Running Back

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September 29th, 2021

Keenan Crow

The best running backs in the game have three things in common: they're highly competitive, know exactly where to run with the ball, and fast on their feet. They keep their vision focused ahead rather than looking down at their feet. With IMG Academy's How-To football drill videos, learn the proper techniques to perfect your vision, balance, and ability to see the play as a running back.

In this video, you will be introduced to three football drills to become a better running back. Watch how student-athletes perform each drill with instruction on proper footwork and keeping the football high and tight on the body. 

Each exercise is broken down to provide an in-depth tutorial within these three specific drills for running backs:

During the Bag Agility Drill, players test their footwork while keeping their eyes forward and looking down the field. The Cone Drill teaches proper footwork as the body changes direction while navigating through the cones and trying not to overextend the legs. And, the Pass Pro Minor Drill focuses on the ability to move the feet without getting overextending them as well as staying in front of the defender.

Ready to show off your skills on the field? Press play below to get started!