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Offensive linemen lineup before the snap.
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3 Football Drills To Become A Better Offensive Lineman

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September 30th, 2021

Keenan Crow

A strong offense is key to a winning team. As an offensive lineman, you have to be ready to make any block. Strength training helps to move players out of the way, but offensive linemen also need to be athletic and fast on their feet. With IMG Academy's How-To football drill videos, learn techniques to increase agility and improve overall performance to improve your game.

In this video, you will be introduced to three football drills to become a better offensive lineman. Watch how student-athletes perform each drill with instruction on stance, footwork, and body positioning in order to stop the opposing team’s defense. 

Each drill is broken down to provide tutorials on the following three football training options.

The Stance and Starts Drill focuses on the importance of proper posture, footwork, and tempo. Next, the Footwork and Hand Positions Drill uses a ball to emphasize the need for correct hand and hip positions while making the block. The final drill, Fit and Finish Drive Drill, shows how to combine the right footwork with the proper hand position and then finish through the hips to make the play. 

Ready to show off your skills on the field? Press play below to get started!