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Black XRS-22SX face mask for football helmet.
Black XRS-22SX face mask for football helmet.

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The XRS-22SX facemask provides the durability, strength and superior vision you need on gameday.

Versatile mask for all positions - ideal for both skill & big skill players: linebackers, fullbacks, running backs and tight ends

  • NOCSAE Certified for use on Shadow, Shadow XR Varsity/Youth, and X2E+ Varsity/Youth Helmets
  • Crafted with carbon steel and a polyethylene powder coating
  • Can be used with any Xenith Varsity or Youth helmet, except size small (which features the Pride and XRS-21X only)
  • Fits most name brand visors - Xenith Eyeshield recommended
  • Xenith helmets should be fitted with Xenith facemasks and Xenith facemasks clips

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