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A person pulling the lower chin straps to adjust the Adaptive Fit system.
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Xenith Helmets Are Built Different

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December 20th, 2023

Keenan Crow

Xenith helmets are built different. Instead of using substandard air bladders, our unique Adaptive Fit System provides a more balanced and secure fit so players can lock in and dominate every play. The combination of an occipital pad that hugs the back of players' heads and interchangeable sizing pads keeps Xenith helmets locked in place, providing better balance, reduced head whip, and decreased fatigue late in games.

Not Your Father's Football Helmet

When it comes to choosing a football helmet, there are many factors to consider – from style and comfort, to protection and performance. Although our helmets check all of these boxes, it’s the exclusive Xenith Adaptive Fit technology that sets us apart from the oldheads.

Close up of a person pulling the lower chin straps to adjust the Adaptive Fit system.

Why "Fit" Matters For Your Gear

In simplest terms, Xenith helmets uniquely adapt and conform to fit different players as the program's roster evolves, while also providing a superior custom fit that is extremely comfortable and secure.

The term “adaptive” is particularly accurate when describing the versatility of Xenith’s core technology.

Let’s consider a real life example; two athletes with a similar sized head refer to the Xenith helmet size chart and confirm they should fit a Varsity Shadow XR, size Large. Although they each have different hair styles, the Adaptive Fit System will precisely conform to each of their heads and hair styles. 

While other helmets on the market require players' heads to conform to their helmet, Xenith helmets Adapt to fit the athlete’s head - providing a secure, custom fit.

How It Works

Typically, players only need to set the straps once (to their optimal fit and liking), and rarely find the need to readjust afterwards.

The Adaptive Fit System has been the bedrock of our helmet innovation since the beginning, and will continue to set the standard in achieving a superior fit that delivers high-end performance.


Reach out to connect with our Sales Team for more information about Adaptive Fit and how Xenith gear can elevate your team's performance on the field.

E: teamsales@xenith.com