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  • Xenith, Florida Youth Athletics and the 24K 7v7 Program Strike New Partnership

Xenith, Florida Youth Athletics and the 24K 7v7 Program Strike New Partnership

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April 15th, 2022

Keenan Crow

Xenith is teaming up with the 24K 7v7 Football Program, the Central Florida-based 7v7 organization that is part of Florida Youth Athletics.

Xenith and Florida Youth Athletics share a common belief in the passion, joy, confidence, and sense of community sports brings to those who play, coach and cheer from the sidelines. Florida Youth Athletics' mission to "make the game better and safer, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of a player’s excitement for the sport" aligns with Xenith, and we're honored to join forces with a great organization that is focused on growing the game.

We recently got a chance to speak with Amos Vizer, President of Florida Youth Athletics, Chris Mitchell, Founder of the 24K 7v7 Program, along with other team staff members to discuss the importance of youth athletics, life lessons that can be learned on the field, and how to succeed in life beyond football.

Bigger Than Football

Participating in team sports helps build confidence and self-esteem in children by teaching them valuable life lessons that extend well beyond the football field. Sports can teach young athletes the importance of hard work and can also motivate them to stay in school and reach for their dreams.

Xenith and Florida Youth Athletics believe that participation in sports can help young athletes develop good character and teach them how to deal with difficult real-world situations.

"What we're trying to do is create an experience where first of all you're part of a family, you're part of an organization that promotes yourself as an athlete, but helps you on and off the field." Amos Vizer said in an exclusive interview with Xenith.

"We're trying to develop the athletes off the field," Amos continued. "Eventually, a small portion of [our athletes], hopefully as many as possible, will become professional players, but realistically and statistically not everyone will be. Our success, however, is measured by if later on in life 24K athletes become great people, and great contributors to society."

Chris Mitchell, Founder of the 24K 7v7 Program, talked about being a good "resource" to the kids, and how the 24K Program sets them up for success in life outside of football.

"I'm glad that we're able at 24K to be a resource for the kids." Mitchell said. "I think we do a good job of getting the kids on campus, in front of coaches, and giving them support and an opportunity to be recruited and higher their education."

Attack Adversity

Team sports - football in particular - is an "excellent teacher for young athletes," said Chris Mitchell. It will teach them to work with individuals who they might not be familiar with, how to cope when things aren't going the way they planned, and perhaps most importantly; how to assume responsibility and hold themselves accountable for their actions.

We spoke with former NFL All Pro cornerback Ivan "Ike" Taylor, the 15U Defensive Coordinator for 24K, and 2X Super Bowl champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who shared his own experiences and what he learned from playing the game at the highest level.

We asked Taylor the following questions:

Q: "How does playing for 24K prepare athletes to attack adversity?"

A: "You face adversity when you play football, and football is life," Taylor said. "So, the comparison is holding yourself accountable, being on time, being unselfish, and the main goal by any means necessary is to win and compete."

Q: "What sort of values do team sports instill in young athletes?"

A: "It's the unselfishness." Taylor responded. "I'm huge on 'we, not me.' You have to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a person, and when you want to get better, there's always someone that can help you improve. So, that's what we try and preach to our athletes."

Custom Gear

Xenith will be supplying the 24K 7v7 Football Program with LOOP protective headgear and two variations of customized team uniforms (Fade and Warrior) that feature a unique pattern and the team's turquoise and gold colors.

Xenith 24K 7v7 Team Uniforms, Fade design, displayed side-by-side.
Xenith 24K 7v7 Team Uniforms, Warrior Design, displayed side-by-side.

The team will also receive customized team gear including 24K branded hoodies and joggers, and each team member will get their own Xenith backpack featuring the 24K team logo and colors.

Xenith 24K Team Gear displayed side-by-side.

Xenith 24K Team Gear and branded backpack displayed side-by-side.

About Florida Youth Athletics

Florida Youth Athletics is a Non-Profit Organization that provides opportunities for youth athletes to play sports by reducing the financial barrier and providing ALL with better access to play sports.

"From the field to the stands, Florida Youth Athletics believes in the power of the game. As new players grow their love of sports, we’ll grow the sport alongside them. Through the advancement of coaches, we develop valuable leadership, mentoring and practical skills, positioning them as forces of change both on and off the field. We establish unmatched standards of safety, education and support for coaches and players to provide an environment where bonds are formed, skills are perfected, and leaders are born."

For more information about the 24K 7v7 Program and Florida Youth Athletics, click here.

Follow 24K 7v7 on Instagram @24k_7v7

Feature Image Credit: Elite Empire Athletes