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VIDEO: Game Day Doesn't Start Friday

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September 22nd, 2022

Keenan Crow

Game day doesn’t start on Friday. To succeed in football, you must be relentlessly dedicated to the game. If you truly want to gain an edge over the competition – the guy on the other side of the field – you’re going to have to out-work your own potential; as hard as you believe you can work, work harder than that. That means early morning workouts, going above and beyond in the classroom, studying film before and after games, and embracing the everyday grind. 

Christian Henderson is a rare, ultra-dedicated athlete who wakes up every day and embraces the "Game Day Doesn't Start Friday" mindset. He knows all the work he puts in throughout the week will stack up in his favor when it’s time to take the field on Friday, and by the end of the week, he will have zero nagging "what ifs" and feel confident that he did everything possible to prepare for the game.

The video below follows Christian through the week during his daily routine leading up to Friday (Game Day) to show the hard work and dedication he puts into his preparation for football, school work, and his performance on the field week in and week out.

Christian plays football in Greenville, South Carolina. He transferred this season from Southside Christian, where he was a key player on a defense that led the team to a state championship and allowed just five points per game.

Unfortunately, however, we likely won't get to see Christian on the field this season. While this article was being written, Christian’s first season at his new school took a turn for the worse when he injured his upper arm during the second game of the season, putting him out for 8-12 weeks. Christian, who remained poised as usual, said the injury is simply "a minor setback for a MAJOR COMEBACK", and added he's "just trying to focus on his school work and getting back on the field with his teammates."

All of us at Xenith wish Christian a speedy recovery and a successful rest of the season.

"Christian is both physically and mentally as tough as they come," said Tony Saunders, CEO, of Xenith. "I've watched him overcome adversity on the football field, and his resilience stood out to me immediately. I'm confident Christian will bounce back from his unfortunate injury and will be able to join his teammates on the field again soon."

Rest up, C-RAW!