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Live Your Game Spotlight: Everman High School

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June 3rd, 2021

Keenan Crow

EVERMAN, TX - After just a few minutes with Coach Dale Matlock and Center Adrian Anderson, it's clear they understood the importance of tradition for the Everman High School Football program and community. 

For Adrian, his rivalry with his older cousins who made deep playoff runs with the program in the mid-2000s motivates him to achieve even more to earn family bragging rights. 

For Coach Matlock, he joined the program working under his own former high school coach for more than 20 years, as he took over the program from his mentor,  Everman legend Dale Keeling. 

Those decades of dedication to high school student athletes are evident as Coach Matlock discusses the foundation of the Everman program and his number one goal for his team: "First and foremost that we create a pathway to opportunities beyond Everman High School…Out of our program, kids leave learning that they can achieve things that they never dreamt of before."

Throughout our conversation Coach stressed the importance of impacting athletes beyond the Xs and Os, that football is "hopefully a way to impact young folks for the rest of their lives."

Like every program, Everman has faced challenges throughout Covid-19. But the foundation that Coach Matlock has instilled has helped the team push through and persevere. The pandemic “made our group more cohesive because they were in it together, that down in the bunker mentality. That really brought something to the table.”

Everman Bulldogs Coach with Two Players on Football Field

The team has adopted on a "Ride is not a reason" approach, a no-excuses mentality that players like Adrian have brought to life through their dedication to training and leading by example.

As a fixture on the O-line and leader on the team, Adrian continues to focus on staying ready for 2021 and “getting the big guys all up here and prepared for the season” so there’s no excuses when the games start.

That preparation is sure to pay off this season as Everman squares off against the 2-time defending state champions in their district along the road to the playoffs.