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Choosing the Right Football Gear - It’s Your Call

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June 6th, 2024

Keenan Crow

When the ball is snapped, every second counts. Every move and every split-second decision amplifies the significance of choosing the right gear that allows players to run, jump, tackle, and play unleashed - without being held back by their equipment.

Whether you want to take your game to the next level this season, or you’re looking to upgrade your locker room with gear that delivers cutting-edge protection and comfort, players have more options than ever before to get equipment that not only fits better, but also helps elevate their games. (And many players miss out on the fact that they actually have a choice to wear the gear they want during a season.)

From the shoulder pads strapped up before each game, to the helmet pulled on before every play, the gear a player chooses to wear on the field becomes an extension of a their identity, and ultimately becomes a decision about performance, safety, and success. It’s your call.


At Xenith, we’re dedicated to making football gear that not only meets the highest standards of quality and performance, but also delivers more security and confidence so players can lock in and shine in clutch moments. Regardless of your level of play, we believe the right gear can make ALL the difference in discovering your true potential and achieving your dreams.

So, with the dawn of a new season looming, remember this: your journey to victory starts with your choice in equipment. Explore Xenith helmets and shoulder pads now and gear up with more confidence this season. Read this article to learn more about requesting Xenith gear for your locker room or athlete today.