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top performer nfl/nflpa virginia tech 5 star rating logo X2E+ football helmet with black shell and black XRS-21X facemask from front.
X2E+ football helmet with black shell and black XRS-21X facemask from front.
X2E+ football helmet with black shell and black XRS-21X facemask from front.
X2E+ football helmet with black shell and black XRS-21X facemask from front.
X2E+ football helmet with black shell and black XRS-21X facemask from front.


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The Xenith X2E+ sports a classic design with revamped performance. We took our traditional styling and industry-standard materials and tuned it with our Single-Stage impact shocks to deliver an optimal blend of fit, comfort, and performance. So, whether it's your first time on the gridiron or you are a seasoned pro, the Xenith X2E+ will help you dominate week after week.

Adaptive Fit System: Yes.

Virginia Tech Helmet Rating: 5-Star.

Fit Profile: Legacy - fit band technology secures the crown of the head.

Shell Material: PC.

Comfort Pad Materials: Vinyl-Nitrile.

Energy Control Layer: Single Stage Shocks.

Chip Cup Style: Hybrid.

Weight: 4.0 pounds.** 

Weight for size large helmet, steel facemask.

5 stars out of 5 stars


anonymous · October 7th, 2021

This is the best


anonymous · September 9th, 2021

Xenith are very comfortable and safe. Me and my brother have both worn xenith helmets and neither of us have got an concussion, and I play linebacker so I get hit a lot. When I put on the helmet it feels like I actually have protection. So overall I would definitely recommend this product.


anonymous · July 14th, 2021

After reviewing nearly every helmet on the market we selected Xenith. We are super excited about the selection based on superior engineering, design and comfort built into the helmet ! We highly recommend this helmet!


anonymous · July 3rd, 2021

I recently got this helmet and I love it! This helmet is super comfortable and stable. I’ve only had it for a bit of time but this well exceeds any other helmet that I’ve ever had.


anonymous · June 5th, 2021

I've bought multiple xenith helmets. Excellent product!!!


anonymous · April 28th, 2021

I have had the helmet for about 6 months now and it has a great feel to it. I play Cornerback.


anonymous · April 22nd, 2021

Great helmet for good money.


anonymous · March 18th, 2021

Helmet was ordered color matched perfect to my son's school. Got it in very quickly manner. This is the 1st helmet in 5 years that's been a perfect for for him. Loves the feel and look of it. Tech support is absolutely top shelf sent and email with couple questions and got a phone to answer them. Don't hesitate to get 1 the team at Xenith gets how to look after customers. Like em so much ordering shoulder pads in next couple weeks. 2 Thumbs up guys.


anonymous · March 13th, 2021

As a parent buying this helmet for my boys I couldn’t go wrong. From what I researched it was the best overall performance, tech and ratings at its price especially when on sale or during a promo. At first the adaptive fit took a minute for my sons to get used to because the chin strap stays attached to the liner. My son who is a Junior in high school has been playing Center for the past 9yrs, has used many different helmets from Riddell and Schutt. He always complained how the padding in those helmets would give him forehead discomfort. The X2E never gave him this problem and its been the most comfortable helmet he has donned. He really liked the padding and the secure fit.


anonymous · February 26th, 2021

Great helmet really light comfortable and looks really good able to move your head around really easily and over all just a great helmet really good price.The only problem is that most of the face mask that you can get or the one that it comes with it some visors may not be able to go on the helmet but visors like oakley,under armor,nike,elite tek, are visors that will fit on most of the face mask. I really recommend this helmet.


anonymous · February 1st, 2021

After extensive research I did on helmets the X2E+ had the highest safety rating for its form fit and its price. Wide verity of colors for customization of the helmet. Fits great on my head its super comfortable. I have been using it for around 2 years now and there has been no issues with it at all.


anonymous · January 18th, 2021

I had a Xenith helmet a couple years ago when I last played and let me tell you, playing with this helmet is a whole new experience. Helmet is lightweight, comfortable, and protects you very well. I didn’t feel much if anything when I would get hit time to time in the head. (Played running back) again amazing helmet.


anonymous · November 26th, 2020

Its great, I am planning to buy more Zenith products!


anonymous · October 1st, 2020

I would recommend this helmet, it has a nice fit and its not to bulky.


anonymous · September 21st, 2020

Works very well, I am a varsity athlete and after games my head feels less banged up then when I would wear another helmet, evetything has held together for all fours years of football and the helmet is a good comftorable fit.


anonymous · October 30th, 2019

Bought our son a Xenith helmet and SO thankful we did. A very hard impact with the ground and everyone in the stands thought “concussion”. But no head problems at all; a broken collarbone, but he said his helmet took the impact great. It lived up to its rating. We thank God for the helmet and protection! Regards, Lisa H.


anonymous · October 28th, 2019

Best helmet I ever played in


anonymous · October 26th, 2019

It is really comfortable to wear and a beautiful helmet overall. I have had no problems with the helmet. I would recommend this brand to anyone who is wanting to play the game of football.


anonymous · October 26th, 2019

Overall, the helmet is great. I did initially have a problem with the placement of the pads, which were not properly placed in the helmet. As a result, my son's forehead was being scratched while wearing the helmet. After I adjusted the location of the pads, the problem went away. I was also surprised that my 10 year old required a size Large, but it has worked for him.


anonymous · October 25th, 2019

My freshman son started the season with team issued equipment. The Brand of helmet didn’t fit right. Pressure points in spots and loose in others. My wife and I decided his brain was too important to leave to chance and I checked the Virginia Tech helmet ratings. Seeing the Xenith X2E+ so highly rated with it’s price point was a no brainer. Son immediately recognized the fit difference and the protection it provided during hitting drills. He loves it.


anonymous · October 25th, 2019

I like it, its comfortable and light weight but durable but it is bulky.


anonymous · October 25th, 2019

Excellent helmet. Fit is perfect for my son who is playing middle school football. He never complained about the helmet being uncomfortable. I felt this was a warranted purchase since it was a piece of protective equipment. His school issued 3 yr old Riddell’s but many players on his team purchased newer helmets with better technology. We settled on Xenith because of the Virginia Tech study rating and the price point.


anonymous · October 25th, 2019

My son suffered a concussion early in the season using a helmet provided by the school. While he was going through concussion protocol, he researched helmets with vigor and decided a XENITH would best suit him. He was pretty gun-shy when returning to play, until he got his new XENITH. The fit was perfect, he said it's comfortable and light weight and he felt much safer with it on. It didn't take long before his pre-concussion confidence was back, because he felt more protected!


anonymous · October 25th, 2019

There’s really no debate. By far my Xenith is the best helmet I’ve ever used. Very breathable, easy to clean and maintain. SUPER comfortable and most importantly I feel safe wearing this helmet. I play strong safety in semi pro and this helmet has held up very nicely. Convinced some of my teammates to make the switch to Xenith too


anonymous · October 25th, 2019

Quick turn around on the order. My son says it is very comfortable. While no helmet can protect 100% from injury, my son did take a hit and said he didn’t even feel it.


anonymous · July 16th, 2018

I researched this helmet for 4mths before buying it for my son and I'm glad I did. He's had his X2E going on 4yrs and he's moving on to the EPIC next season. He wore a Schutt for 2wks before his helmet came in and he complained about his head hurting. Since getting his X2E, he's only complained once about his head hurting and that was after my Senior Center put his forehead to the side of my son's helmet in a friendly scrimmage. This helmet is way cool in the Arizona summer heat. The vents allow the air to flow through, my son says the air flowing through it makes it sound like a jet going by. Bonnet allows the head to breath unlike any other helmet my players have used, Riddell and Schutt. It allowed me the ability to actually squirt water directly to his head through the vents without taking his helmet off, can't do that with the Riddell or Schutt. Gave me confidence after the NFLPA rated it as one of the top helmets for player safety. He's got the Prime facemask with a clear shield. He's played O-Line, D-Line, Linebacker, Running Back, and QB. We were so impressed with this helmet that the school got it for the rest of the team last season.


anonymous · April 5th, 2017

It's a very good helmet

Xenith athlete wearing a black xenith X2E+



Designed to achieve the ultimate balance, comfort, and fit, the Xenith X2E+ checks all the boxes. Take the field with confidence knowing the proven performance of Xenith helmets will keep you locked in on every play

Cutaway image showing the internals of an X2E helmet



The Xenith X2E+ delivers the comfort and protection player's need to perform their best. Plus, Xenith's single-stage shock liner conforms to the head as the integrated chinstrap is engaged for a locked-in, custom fit. This revolutionary helmet technology also separates the head from the shell to redirect and reduce linear & rotational forces.

Internal shock matrix of X2E+ Helmet.



Xenith’s foundational technology; these Aware-Flow™ shock absorbers dissipate energy by collapsing to vent air for a more complete and gradual compression, compared to a foam material that only partially compresses before packing into a dense solid - creating a more sudden change in velocity than the Aware-Flow™ technology.

Internal show showing the adaptive fit system of X2E+.



The exclusive Xenith Adaptive Fit System allows more adjustability to fit different players as the program’s roster evolves and keeps the helmet locked in place, providing better balance, reduced head whip, and decreased fatigue. Interchangeable sizing pads provide a custom, fine-tuned fit without the inconvenience or added costs of 3D scanning. We do not use air to fit our helmets.

Side image of white X2E helmet.


Secure Fit. Classic Comfort.

The Xenith X2E+ provides maximum protection in a lightweight, secure, and breathable design. A unique balance of impact strength and stiffness makes this helmet a favorite for those eager to take on the competition.

Viginia tech 5 star helmet rating.


5-Star Rated

The X2E+ helmet is 5-Star Virginia Tech Helmet Lab certified and features a unique blend of cutting edge protection and groundbreaking comfort to elevate performance on the field.