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Shadow Youth

Youth helmets



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The Xenith Shadow helmet incorporates our multi-stage shock liner and an advanced polymer shell for optimal impact performance. These technologies deliver an elite combination of fit, comfort, and weight. In addition, an enhanced occipital pad cradles the back of the head for a comfortable, secure fit. Buckle up, and never miss a beat.

Adaptive Fit System: Yes

Virginia Tech Helmet Rating: 5 Star

Fit Profile: 360 Lite - Secure fit on crown, jaw, and back-of-head

Shell Material: Advanced Polymer

Comfort Pad Materials: Poron XRD

Energy Control Layer: multi-stage shocks

Chip Cup Style: 3DX

Weight: 4.3 pounds*

* Weight for size large helmet, steel facemask

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Two players playing football. One wearing a Xenith X2E+ and another wearing a Xenith Shadow



Shadow Youth features intelligent impact response specifically tuned for youth-level impacts. In addition, a multi-stage shock liner with decoupled shell technology and an occipital comfort pad cradles the back of the head for a locked-in, secure fit. Buckle up and never miss a beat.

Black shadow with the shell cut away to show the internal shock matrix



Outfitted in a sleek, modern design that delivers superior comfort and that “look-good, feel-good, play-good” attitude all season long. The Xenith Shadow Youth comes packed with revolutionary helmet technology for next level performance and durability.

shadow internal helmet matrix



As an extension of the Single-Stage shocks, Multi-Stage shocks feature interior and exterior layers that work together to compress and flex in response to linear and rotational forces.

Xenith's Aware-Flow™ shock absorbers dissipate energy by collapsing to vent air for a more complete and gradual compression, compared to a foam material that only partially compresses before packing into a dense solid - creating a more sudden change in velocity than the Aware-Flow™ technology.

internal view of a shadow showing the adaptive fit



The exclusive Xenith Adaptive Fit System allows more adjustability to fit different players as the program’s roster evolves and keeps the helmet locked in place, providing better balance, reduced head whip, and decreased fatigue. Interchangeable sizing pads provide a custom, fine-tuned fit without the inconvenience or added costs of 3D scanning. We do not use air to fit our helmets.

Side view of a white Shadow helmet


Undefeated Comfort

Tuned to adapt and respond to all football impacts, the Xenith Shadow Youth provides optimal comfort where players need it. A balanced, secure fit allows maximum versatility without losing support or causing hot spots. Lock in and dominate every play.

Viginia tech 5 star helmet rating.


5-Star Rated

The Shadow Youth helmet is 5-Star Virginia Tech Helmet Lab certified and features a unique blend of cutting edge protection and groundbreaking comfort to elevate performance on the field.