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Shadow XR Youth

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5 out of 5 stars


top performer nfl/nflpa virginia tech 5 star rating logo Front facing view of shadow xrs 21s black shell black facemask
Side facing view Shadow XR black facemask.
Backside view of Xenith Shadow XR white facemask.
Interior view Shadow XR black facemask.


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Shadow XR is our most advanced helmet featuring cutting-edge protection and comfort, to help elevate your performance on the field. Incorporating Xenith's enhanced polymer shell, occipital pad, and proprietary rate-dependent impact cells, the Xenith Shadow XR takes protection, fit, and comfort to the highest level. From Youth to Varsity, this elite-level helmet is built to help you buckle in and feel fully protected.

Adaptive Fit System: Yes.

Virginia Tech Helmet Rating: 5-Star.

Fit Profile: 360 - secure fit on crown, jaw, and back of the head.

Shell Material: Advanced Polymer.

Comfort Pad Materials: Poron XRD.

Energy Control Layer: RHEON™ Shocks.

Chip Cup Style: 3DX.

Weight: 4.5 pounds.*

* Weight for size large helmet, titanium facemask.

5 stars out of 5 stars


anonymous · December 27th, 2021

My son loves this helmet. Says it fits better than all the rest and gives maximum protection.


anonymous · November 6th, 2021

Great helmet for my son. Like some other reviews, my son was having many issues with the team assigned helmets. Very uncomfortable and hurt his head. He was even wanting to skip practice. Since getting the helmet, he has loved every minute and hasn't turned back. The helmet fits great, looks great and he loves wearing it. It is on the heavier side but he has gotten used to it and will continue to grow into it. Just ordered the flyte shoulder pads for a Christmas present. Saw great reviews on those so high hopes.


anonymous · November 2nd, 2021

Best helmet ever to be made. Comfortable, durable, lightweight, what else can you ask for in a helmet. This is the best helmet for a RB, WR or a DB. I give it a 5/5.


anonymous · November 2nd, 2021

This helmet was truly the best the comfort the protection and how it can go with any visor is great. Also the helmet is very lightweight so you can run extra fast with it and look around for defenders.


anonymous · September 6th, 2021

I was very nervous about my 6 year old playing tackle. This helmet helped put me at ease. My now 7u player loves it. My 11u player says it's the best helmet he's ever had.


anonymous · August 25th, 2021

Amazing. After many other manufacturers were on backorder with helmets, I checked out Xenith. I went with the Xenith Shadow XR because of it's really high reviews on Virginia Tech's safety results - and also because my 9 year old loved how it looked. It IS a bit heavier than other options, but that is more than offset by its overall comfort. Last year we went through 3 or 4 different team-assigned helmets trying to find one that didn't hurt, and even the one we settled on still was really uncomfortable for him. The Shadow XR has been great. I love the connection of the bottom chin-strap circling around the "guts" of the helmet so everything is pulled in nice and tight. He's been wearing it 3 weeks now and even with full contact still hasn't even picked up any nicks or scratches, which is a testament to the durability of the paintjob. We've recommended it to a handful of other kids on the teams and I plan on buying another one for my younger son when he starts playing as well. Also - the colors were almost dead onto the other manufacturer's color that the rest of the team is using.


anonymous · August 17th, 2021

Our player loves the comfort, style and ease of his helmet. Mom & Dad love the protection. We have used nothing but, xenith for the last 6 years! Highly recommend


anonymous · August 6th, 2021

12 year olds son has had this helmet a short period of time and he loves it. Says he nearly feels the helmet on the inside. That it feels like it’s floating. Will definitely recommend this to anyone. Is a bit heavier than the epic he had before from here but heavier in my opinion isn’t a bad thing.


anonymous · July 20th, 2021

5stars top of the line


anonymous · June 4th, 2021

Best helmet good face mask and I recommend


anonymous · April 29th, 2021

Chris and Cedar are awesome to deal with. Love Xenith products. My son doesn't want to wear anything else.


anonymous · February 3rd, 2021

This helmet is the best on the market!


anonymous · December 16th, 2020

This helmet is absolutely awesome! The fit on my son is perfect, you can clearly tell this is a quality product. Recommend 100%


anonymous · November 13th, 2020

The protection of my son and his brain make this helmet well worth the cost! The fit and new technology in the shadow xr is far superior to any helmet I've ever seen. My son's team purchased all new speed flex helmets last year. Although they are more comfortable than the old riddell helmets I used to wear, the air bladder technology is essentially the same. My son took a couple big hits that year, and because I had a few concussions myself, I began to research alternatives. When I began looking at the shadow xr, I was immediately impressed with the impact test results, tech videos and reviews. Through the design portal, I was able to get the face mask he wanted and additional sizes of cheek pads. Upon receiving the helmet, we were both impressed! The unique chin strap creates a custom fit to his head. The weight is balanced, so it feels lighter than it actually is. The shape allows for a fuller range of motion with is head/neck. Now for what really matters -playing QB, RB & DE, my son has certainly taken some big hits again this year. However, now when I ask him how he feels, he tells me he barely felt the impact. Obviously no helmet will eliminate the possibility of a concussion, but this helmet certainly appears to minimize the potential for one. I highly recommend protecting your child with the xenith shadow xr helmet!


anonymous · October 19th, 2020

The Zenith Shadow XR Youth helmet is a great product. The kids say they are extremely comfortable, the fit like a glove, and the weight is distributed evenly. The astetics of this helmet is second to non in my opinion as it should age well.


anonymous · October 4th, 2020

This helmet revolutionized the way I play. Everything about this helmet is incredible and it improved my game so much.


anonymous · July 20th, 2020

I have always been a believer in Xenith helmets. Recently my 12 year old was playing in Dallas against older and larger kids he was holding his own so well that with 3 minutes remaining in the game he was blindsided with a violent helmet to helmet collision to the back of the head that took him to the ground, so bad that parents were enraged and the referee's had to call the game. I wasn't worried about the game I ran out on the field where my son was sitting up next to the penalty marker asking why did the kid do that? I quickly checked him out and realized how Xenith had come through with excellent protection. This helmet is amazing. Thank you for protecting my son from Helmet to Pads.The picture of him blocking the kid that later hit him.


anonymous · July 15th, 2020

The best helmet ever‼️‼️


anonymous · June 27th, 2020

Hopefully we will actually get to play football because this helmet is pretty nice. It was easy to adjust and fits great. My son is on the low end of the medium, so I got extra cheek pad sizes. It fits perfectly now, and as his head grows I can swap them out with the smaller ones. My son said it feels better on his head than the competitors' helmets, which is obviously important. More importantly for me are the incredible safety ratings though. Certainly not an inexpensive purchase, but if it performs as well as its rated, it'll be a great deal.


anonymous · June 3rd, 2020

great. I love this helmet. nothing else needs to be said because of the helmet talks for itself.

white Shadow XR with the shell cut in half to show the internal shock matrix.


Dominating Performance

The Xenith Shadow XR features our proprietary XR Impact Cells that intelligently control energy from impact, and an advanced nylon polymer shell for superior durability. Shadow XR is built to deliver that "look-good, feel-good, play-good" confidence all season long.

internal shadow xr shock matrix


XR Impact Cells

Proprietary XR Impact Cells intelligently compress to absorb linear impact. These unique cells are designed with re-entrant geometry to concentrate more material at the impact site and efficiently disperse energy.

Side angle of the shadow xr to show the adaptive fit system.


Adaptive Fit System

The exclusive Xenith Adaptive Fit System allows more adjustability to fit different players as the program’s roster evolves and keeps the helmet locked in place, providing better balance, reduced head whip, and decreased fatigue. Interchangeable sizing pads provide a custom, secure fit without the inconvenience or added costs of 3D scanning. We do not use air to fit our helmets.

Side view of a white Shadow helmet


Unrivaled Comfort

A unique blend of responsive materials delivers ground-breaking comfort and protection. The Xenith Shadow XR isn't just safe - it's an incredibly comfortable, secure fit.

Viginia tech 5 star helmet rating.


5-Star Rated

Shadow XR is 5-Star Virginia Tech Helmet Lab certified, and features a unique blend of cutting edge protection and groundbreaking comfort to elevate performance on the field.

Two players playing football. One wearing a Xenith X2E+ and another wearing a Xenith Shadow


The Ultimate Helmet Experience

Shadow XR delivers lightweight, high-end performance for elite level youth & adult athletes. This 5-Star Virginia Tech Helmet Lab certified helmet utilizes responsive protective materials, and technology exclusive to Xenith helmets so players can lock in and dominate the field.

Xenith Helmets FAQs

Xenith helmets meet all NOCSAE Standards, and can be worn at any level of play.

View our Suggested Sizing Guide or watch the Xenith Fit Videos to learn how to properly fit your Xenith helmet. Additionally, Xenith sizing accessories, such as Jaw Shocks and Snug Pads, are available for a more customized fit.

The Xenith Shadow XR differs from the standard Xenith Shadow in three distinct ways:1. Xenith Shadow XR utilizes RHEON™ shocks for its energy control layer, while the Xenith Shadow utilizes a combination of single and multi-stage shocks.2. Xenith Shadow XR adds two outer RHEON™ jaw shocks which provide additional energy management and an even, uniform fit.3. Xenith Shadow XR has a more traditional fit than the Xenith Shadow. Xenith Shadow features a wider range of fit adjustment than Xenith Shadow XR. For example, if a player feels too tight in a Medium Xenith Shadow XR, a Medium Xenith Shadow may still be the right choice. For proper fitting of any helmet please refer to the appropriate size and fit guide.For additional information on each helmet please refer to their respective product pages:

Shadow XR

Shadow XR Youth