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Reconditioning makes your football helmet as safe as the day you purchased it. In order to maintain your warranty, your helmet(s) must be sent to Xenith or a Xenith Certified Reconditioner for a tune-up every two years – however, we recommend football helmet reconditioning for each new season. Facemasks, chin cups, and visors may be left attached to helmets sent in for reconditioning. We will clean and sanitize these pieces along with the rest of your helmet. Facemasks are inspected but not reconditioned. If a facemask is deemed unsuitable for play during the inspection, Xenith will provide an opportunity to add a new face mask to your reconditioning order for an additional cost. Reconditioning takes 6-8 weeks from start to finish.
  1. Enter your helmet information and proceed to checkout or use the Care Center Locator to find a reconditioner near you.
  2. Within 1 business day, we will send you an order confirmation email and a pre-paid shipping label.
  3. When your equipment arrives to either our production facility, or one of our certified care centers you will receive a confirmation email and we will begin our reconditioning process.
  4. Your helmet is returned fully reconditioned, recertified and ready for another season!

5 stars out of 5 stars


anonymous · September 7th, 2022

This is a great resource. Bought epic plus new in 2017 sent off after three seasons and received my helmet back looking new. I highly reccomend this service .


We'll send you a prepaid shipping label and packaging to get your helmet(s) either to our facility located in Detroit, or a Xenith certified reconditioner nearest to your location. Your helmet(s) will be serviced by experts, so you can feel confident they receive the best possible service, the most updated parts, and a helmet returned to you ready for another season.


As a NAERA member licensed by NOCSAE Xenith, as well as all of our reconditioning care centers, meet and exceed industry standards for reconditioning. (Xenith's commitment to quality is evidenced by the industry's only 10-year shell warranty)


We disassemble every helmet we receive, examine each piece down to the screws. Internal Shock Matrix (5 year warranty) and Helmet Shells (10 year warranty) are replaced at no additional cost during warranty period if reconditioned every 2 years.

*Helmets bought before November 1, 2022 have a 5 year helmet shell warranty.


Each piece of the helmet gets scrubbed and sanitized and then rinsed to remove all residue. This includes the helmet's shock matrix, inner & outer shell, comfort pads, facemask, chin cups, and visor (if attached).


If you choose to have your helmets repainted, they will be sanded, repainted, and returned to you in like-new condition. If you choose “No Paint Needed” your helmets will skip the paint room, but still receive thorough inspection and cleaning to be returned in game-ready condition.


Helmets are tested thoroughly for quality and performance before being returned to you ready for game day.


Warnings, other labels, and a recertification seal are applied. In order to maintain your warranty, your helmet(s) must be sent to our expert reconditioning team for a tune-up every two years – however, we recommend football helmet reconditioning for each new season.