Up to 35% Off All Shadow Helmets

White shadow helmet being put in a box

Xenith Trade & Play

Equipment costs can stack up in a hurry, so we want to help tackle the barriers of purchasing new football gear with our latest Trade & Play program. The Trade & Play program allows customers the opportunity to trade in their seasoned, or outdated football helmets in exchange for 30% off the online price on all Pre-Built Xenith helmets.

Here's the deal: we will accept ANY football helmet brand, but helmets MUST have been manufactured within the last 10 years to be accepted. Trade in and upgrade your helmets today and shop Xenith for the ultimate helmet experience.

Trade & Play Steps:

  1. Ensure the helmet you plan to trade in is within 10 years of its manufacturing date.
  2. Visit your local UPS or FedEx store to ship your helmet to the address below:
  3. Xenith shipping address: XENITH TRADE & PLAY, 4333 W Fort St., Detroit, MI 48209
  4. Print out our verification sheet and place it in your package before shipping.
  5. Submit the form below including contact information, helmet tracking number, and helmet information
  6. Upon arrival at our facility, we will confirm your helmet was received via email.
  7. We'll send a separate email with your exclusive Trade & Play discount code to use towards a brand new Xenith helmet.

White shadow helmet being put in a box