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Xenith Momentum Compression Apparel - What Does Compression Gear Do?

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June 21st, 2021

Keenan Crow

Xenith Momentum Compression Apparel was designed with purpose-built details to aid athletes on their journey in playing and training. Strategically placed seams ensure optimal range of motion where your body is twisting and flexing most. Plus, mesh panels ventilate the body while soft neck tape and premium fabric blend feels cool and comfortable against the skin.

By wrapping your muscles with Xenith Compression, you are increasing proprioception (a fancy word for body awareness) and gaining agility and balance in the process. Imagine a wide receiver moving through the air to beat a DB for a jump ball, or a pulling guard hugging the line of scrimmage to meet his blocking assignment. Increased proprioception helps an athlete be more agile which translates to speed and quickness on the field.

Athlete gets ready to sprint while wearing Xenith Compression.

The model above is wearing Momentum Compression Sleeveless Shirt and Momentum Compression Shorts.

Compression gear also plays a role in reducing muscle oscillation, which means by holding your muscles snugly, it lessens the vibration that occurs when changing directions and moving quickly. Compression ensures that muscles stay activated and engaged, keeping them prepared to exert maximum force in the shortest amount of time. Training and playing in Xenith Compression Apparel can help athletes gain the small advantages for which they’re always fighting.