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Why Fit Matters for Your Football Equipment

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June 24th, 2021

Keenan Crow

When it comes to choosing a football helmet, there are many factors to consider – from style and comfort, to protection and performance. So when I’m asked by athletes (and their parents) which helmet they should consider buying, my answer sometimes surprises them; I tell them, "choose the one that fits you best." 

Although Xenith helmets check all of the boxes previously mentioned, it’s the Adaptive Fit technology that wins athletes over.

A man adjusts the Adaptive Fit System in a Xenith helmet by pulling on the chin straps.

In simplest terms, Xenith helmets adapt to the shape and size of the athlete’s head, providing a truly custom fit every time.

The term “adaptive” is particularly accurate when describing the versatility and conformity of Xenith’s core technology.

Let’s consider a real life example; Two athletes with similar head circumference refer to the helmet size chart and confirm they should fit a Varsity Shadow XR, size Large. Although they each have different hair styles, the adaptive fit of the Xenith helmet conforms to each of their head surfaces and hair styles in a custom manner, providing a secure and comfortable fit. While other helmets on the market require the athletes' heads to conform to their helmet, Xenith helmets conform to fit the athlete’s head every time they put it on.

Athletes generally set the straps once (to their optimal fit and liking), and rarely find the need to readjust afterwards. Just set it and forget it. 

Along with Xenith’s Shock Matrix, and Decoupled Shell, Adaptive fit has long been a core pillar in the Xenith technology story and is the guiding principle when selecting your next piece of protective gear.

Reach out to connect with a Xenith Account Manager and learn more about Adaptive Fit technology and how Xenith products can elevate your team's fit, performance, and protection.