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Behind the Design: Xenith Peak ISO Capsule Collection

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June 21st, 2021

Keenan Crow

 Xenith’s Peak ISO collection is our first ever seasonal capsule collection. This sportswear line is our chance to transcend football and elevate what athletes want when they’re not on the field. Featuring the most in-trend styles, premium fabrics, and elevated construction models, Peak ISO was created to be playful and purpose focused apparel.

With a collection of popular silhouettes, Peak ISO pieces layer well for warmth and freedom of movement, while featuring an autumn color palette perfect for fall football weather.

Xenith Peak ISO Designs

Below, our lead designer on the project, Drew Lark, speaks to the inspiration and design process that went into Peak ISO.

Peak ISO lead designer, Drew Lark, wearing Peak ISO Crewneck in Peach color option.

“The design of ISO for me really began with inspiration. I am often inspired by the landscape of urban fashion, streetwear, and the Hypebeast culture. Over time it transformed from being my hobby, to my lifestyle. Waking up checking Hypebeast to see some of streetwear’s most iconic designers and their work. The Ronnie Fieg, Jerry Lorenzo, and Virgil Abloh’s of the world. In a sense, I wanted to take everything they did great and make it my own. That starts with defining the silhouette of the garments I am designing.

In the Peak Iso collection my favorite silhouette would have to be the Short-Sleeved Hoodie. I wanted its cut and fit to resemble a poncho of sorts making it perfect for layering and oversizing. Overall, this helps the piece give off a comfortable relaxed vibe and encourages contrasting proportions. This Hoodie paired with a set of our joggers is perfect for styling with any shoe combo imaginable. I am a man of details, and I feel this collection represents that attention to detail well, whether it be the stacked logo hit on the back of the Iso Hoodie or the double stitch on each seam.

I hope to see you draped in this collection because you resonate with my story, or genuinely love and support the design. I feel everyone is working towards something special, you might as well look good while you’re doing it.

Through Xenith and an amazing design team, I was able to turn a childhood dream into reality. Now I have the opportunity to watch the Xenith Peak Iso collection carve out its own space in premium sportswear.”

Learn more about the Xenith Peak ISO Collection here.