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What Facemask Should I Buy for my Football Helmet?

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July 12th, 2019

The modern football facemask comes in a variety of styles and, when paired with other equipment accessories such as a visor or eye shield, can be central to a player’s overall style on the field.

Ever since players like Ray Lewis, Justin Tuck, and Darnell Dockett began wearing the first non-standard facemasks during the 2014 NFL season, the popularity of unique, intricately designed facemasks has continued to climb.  Though non-standard facemasks are now largely outlawed by the NFL, the prevalence of trendy facemasks in amateur football is a signal of the self-expression that has become increasingly important in the game of football as a whole. With football fashion becoming more and more important from the athlete’s perspective, finding the right facemask for your own function and style is critical to success on the field.

Choosing all the proper football gear can be tedious. Even more, choosing a facemask can confuse even veteran gear buyers. Factors like position, play style, and a number of others can guide facemask choice.

Of course, a facemask's true purpose is to help protect a player’s nose and teeth from collisions that take place on the field.  However, different positions require different facemask styles as each facemask design has its own characteristics that best suit the needs of that specific position group. 


But what if I play more than one position? 


No need to worry if you play more than one position.  Many facemasks are also available in a hybrid or an all-purpose version which allows for versatility at multiple positions.  So, whether you play offense or defense, are a linebacker or quarterback, or are just as interested in how you look on the field as how you play, there is the perfect facemask just for you.  Below you will find a breakdown of top Xenith football facemasks to help you shine on the field this upcoming season. Of course, if you gravitate towards a certain facemask despite it not falling under your position category, don't let these guidelines hold you back!


Skill – ideal for quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and defensive backs















UA All-America 2018 Player in the Xenith Prime Facemask.




See the rest of the Xenith Skill facemasks here: XRS-21, XRS-22S, Pride, Prowl, and Portal for specialty players.


Big Skill – ideal for lineman, linebackers, fullbacks & tight ends




UA All-America 2019 Player in Xenith Prism Facemask.






Xenith Facemask Precept






2019 UA All-America Game Player practicing in Xenith Pursuit Facemask.




See the rest of the Xenith Big Skill facemasks here: XRN-22X, XLN-22X, Predator.



With unique options for every position and playing style, including all-purpose and specialty options, modern facemasks provide players the protection they need and style to help them shine under the lights.  All Xenith facemasks are NOCSAE certified and fit any Xenith helmet such as the all-new Xenith Shadow and the best-selling Xenith X2E+.  Whether you’re a DB, QB, or LB – Xenith has the perfect facemask for this season.