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5 Checkpoints for the Best Fitting Football Helmet

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August 4th, 2020

McKenzie Todd

It's no secret that a better fitting football helmet means better protection. So when we read about a study presented at the 2020 National Athletic Trainers’ Association Expo which found that “the majority (74%) of football players’ helmets in youth football (7-12 years old)” didn’t fit properly, we took it upon ourselves to build a better (and safer) football helmet.

To find your athlete’s approximate helmet size, measure the circumference of their head with a soft measuring tape keeping the tape one inch above the eyebrows. Begin the fitting process with the size suggested on your brand’s size guide.

We’ve listed ours here

With the helmet on, ensure a proper fit with these 5 checkpoints:

1. EYEBROWS – Helmet padding should be just above eyebrows with top bar of facemask about one inch above the eyebrows.

2. CHEEKS – There should be no gaps between the jaw pads and the face.

3. BASE OF SKULL (back of head) – Helmet should cover the entire back of skull, including occipital bone.

4. NOSE – Nose should have at least two inches of clearance from facemask

5. EARS – Ear canals should be visible within each ear hole.

*If you want an even more custom fit, try making these additional adjustments:

Helmet sitting too high?

Try a larger helmet, or if wearing X2E+, try removing the crown pad (the component under the comfort pads at the top of the helmet).

Helmet sitting too low?  

Try a smaller helmet, or sizing pads.

Gap between jaw pads and face?

Try thicker jaw pads.

Tight between jaw pads and face?

Try thinner jaw pads.

For Xenith Shadow or Shadow XR jaw pads, contact customer service


If you’re seeking the best fitting football helmet, Xenith sets itself apart with our ADAPTIVE FIT SYSTEM. The internal shock matrix cinches to your head when you tighten the lower chinstraps.

The lower chinstrap routes around the back of the head and secures the occipital pad to the base of the skull. This keeps your helmet locked down and in place.

You’ll never have gaps between your face and jaw pads in Xenith Shadow or Shadow XR helmets. The 360 Adaptive Fit pulls the jaw pads toward the face when you tighten the lower chinstrap.